Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance Unit (QA), DSH Institute of Technology (DIT), is entrusted with the task of managing quality assurance and enhancement activities relating to the institute’s core and support processes.

QA coordinates and monitors the implementation of the Quality Management System (QMS) started since November 2018. The QMS of DIT covers all its core and support processes. The institute is undergoing certification process under SIRIM for international standard of MS ISO 9001:2015.

The unit also oversees and monitors activities relating to institutional and academic quality based on the requirements of the Malaysian Qualifications Framework (MQF). Among its major activities are coordinating internal audits under the QMS, coordinating self-assessments of the institution and programmes, management of customer’s feedback as well as continual improvement projects. QA also coordinates collection and verification of data for rating and ranking exercises; and other purposes. Awareness programmes relating to quality frameworks also form a major activity carried out by the QA unit. In carrying out these responsibilities, QA works with schools and departments at DIT.

From the outset, the academic standard of the programmes is achieved through a system of quality assurance established by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). The MQA Framework provides a basis for quality assurance in the formulation of academic programmes, from curriculum to assessment. Also, the approval from MQA is mandatory before a programme can be advertised and students recruited. Apart from the external sources as indicated above, quality assurance is achieved through internal structures such as the Board of Governors, Board of Management, Senate, Academic Board and Technical Advisory Committee at the school and institute level with the involvement of external expertise and industry panels. Therefore, checks and balances are provided in structures, systems and processes to ensure the practice and attainment of quality education at DIT.