Chief Executive

Chief Executive Officer’s Message

Welcome to DSH Institute of Technology (DIT)!

Greetings to all our current and prospective students from the Management and Staff of DSH Institute of Technology (DIT). Motto of our college is Education for Lifelong Excellence. We endeavour to provide excellent teaching and learning environment to deliver quality education under the Malaysian Qualifications Framework.

As a caring organization, we at DIT ensure that deserving students are provided with the right opportunities to pursue their education. In this respect, DIT has allocated substantial funds for scholarships for deserving and outstanding students. DIT is committed to support the aspirations of the nation to be fully developed by providing professional and qualified personnel to power the country’s growth.

Your success begins by making the smartest move in choosing DIT as your pathway to success.

We at DIT anticipate to playing a fundamental role in your life journey as our educational relationship continues, as we work towards defining your educational and professional goals.

I look forward in welcoming you to DIT as your preferred choice for career-based education in health and medical sciences and business.


-Puan Yuliana Syahrial