DSH Institute of Technology (DIT)’s Senate is chaired by DIT’s Chief Executive. The senate is the supreme academic body of DIT. The Senate provides opportunity for its members to discuss and express views upon any matter it considers being of interest to the School/Department/Centre and to make recommendations and pass resolutions. The Senate has the power to submit recommendations to the Board of Management.

The Senate may from time to time appoint standing, special and ad hoc committees and delegate any of its powers and duties to any such committee or person.Senate's duties and responsibilities are to:

i. Draft, alter and repeal Statutes and Regulations.

ii. Authorize, approve and supervise all DIT’s academic programmes.

iii. Direct and regulate all instructions and teaching of the institute.

iv. Determine the rules and regulations for academic admissions.

v. Ratify and review all assessments leading to conferment of diploma/certificate.

vi. Approve the conferment of diploma/certificate and other institute’s honorary awards.

vii. Determine whether academic rules and regulations be varied in individual student cases.

viii. Approve the appointments of internal/external examiners, external assessors, industry advisors and other school associated positions.

ix. Recommend academic and professional affiliations with other institutions.

x. Recommend the appointments of visiting, adjunct school and fellows.

xi. Advise on the administration of DIT’s learning resources including the library.

xii. Assist in the searches for school heads, programme heads and other senior academic positions.