Diploma in Pharmacy

MOHE APPROVAL : KPT/JPS(N/727/4/0074) MQA (PA5392)

DURATION OF STUDIES : 3 years (6 semesters)

INTAKE : June, September



The profession of pharmacy plays a vital role in serving the health needs of the society. Pharmacist and pharmacist assistants are the most accessible members of the health care team of the public and are authorities on drugs and their use. They impart scientific knowledge related to the identification, formulation, preparation, standardization, quality control and use of drugs as well as medicines and effective management of their distribution and sale.



Graduates with Diploma in Pharmacy are able to work as pharmacist assistant and with the knowledge and skills acquired, they will be able to handle drugs or medicines in hospital pharmacies, pharmaceutical industries, community pharmacy services, supervisor in the pharmacy department and other organizations that deal with drug research, sales, quality control, marketing and administration.



Year 1 Semester 1

1. Kimia Asas 1
2. Biologi Asas

3. Matematik
4. Pengenalan Kepada Perkhidmatan Farmasi
5. Farmaseutik I
6. English for Professional Practice
7. Ko Kurikulum/Khidmat Masyarakat
8. Asas Pengurusan/ Keushawanaan/IT/HSR


Year 1 Semester 2

1. Kimia Organik
2. Fisiologi Asas

3. Mikrobiologi Asas
4. Pengiraan Farmaseutikal
5. Farmaseutik II
6. Pengajian Malaysia


Year 2 Semester 3

1. Farmaseutik III
2. Farmakologi I

3. Farmakologi II
4. Teknik Pendispensan
5. Sains Tingkahlaku


Year 2 Semester 4

1. Kemahiran Teknikal Farmasi
2. Keselamatan dan Kesihatan Pekerjaan

3. Farmakologi III
4. Farmakologi IV
5. Farmakologi V
6. Mikrobiologi Farmaseutik


Year 3 Semester 5

1. Clinical Practice –Pesakit Luar
2. Clinical Practice – Stor Farmasi

3. Clinical Practice – Penyediaan Galenikal


Year 3 Semester 6

1. Clinical Practice – Pesakit Dalam
2. Clinical Practice- Unit Farmasi Klinikal

3. Clinical Practice – Unit Maklumat Ubat



Full-time study delivered through the following methods:

  • Lecture
  • Tutorial/Practical
  • Assessments
  • Practical Training in Hospitals and Health Centers



Pass Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) or its equivalent with a minimum of three (3) credits inclusive of the following:

i. Bahasa Malaysia
ii. General Science
or Biology or Chemistry or Physics or Applied Science
iii. One (1) credit from any other subjects

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