Diploma in Environmental Health


The three year ‘Diploma in Environmental Health’ programme at DSH Institute of Technology aims to groom individuals who have keen interests in resolving the growing breed of environmental problems faced in today’s industrialized world.  The skills and expertise gained from the programme would enable graduates to make a positive difference in resolving common environmental issues as well as safeguard public health and safety. The ‘ Diploma in Environmental Health’ programme conducted at DSH Institute of Technology is approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Malaysian Qualifications Agency.


At the end of our ‘Diploma in Environmental Health’ at DSH Institute of Technology, students will be able to :

  1. gain critical thinking skills in analyzing information and developing solutions to  problems such as ; irregularities in health and hygiene standards (i.e. in food handling industries) and threats to environmental health (i.e. air pollution, pest infestation etc)
  2. gain first – hand experience, in investigating and tackling local environmental health problems such as pest infestation, outbreak of food poisoning etc through industrial placements in district health offices and local authorities


Course Code




MQA (FA 4688)

MOHE (R853/4/0021)



April and October



3 years


Modes of Instruction



Practical Sessions

Industrial Placements

Future Education Pathways

Career Options

Environmental Health Officer
Food Inspection Officer
Environmental Scientist (after Masters)

Entry Requirements

SPM or EquivalentGCE 'O' Levels or Equivalent
Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) or its equivalent with a minimum of FIVE (5) credits in the following subjects:GCE 'O' Levels or equivalent with a minimum of Grade C in the following FIVE (5) subjects :
(a) Bahasa Malaysia / Bahasa Melayu(a) Science Subjects (Physics/Chemistry/Biology) / General Science
(b) Science Subjects (Physics/Chemistry/Biology) / Applied Science(b) Mathematics / Additional Mathematics
(c) Mathematics / Additional Mathematics(c) Any other three subjects
(d) Any other two subjectsAND
AND(d) Pass in English
(e) Pass in English and History

Course Modules

Technical KnowledgeTechnical KnowledgeTechnical Knowledge
DDEH 1012
Introduction to Environmental Health
DDEH 3123
Food Safety
DDEH 5212
DDEH 1022
Anatomy and Physiology
DDEH 3132
Water Supply
DDEH 5222
Research Methodology
DDEH 1032
Fundamentals of Soil and Hyrdogeology
DDEH 3143
Epidemiology and Diseases Control
DDEH 5233
Legal Procedure
DDEH 1043
Chemistry in Environmental Health
DDEH 3152
Fundamentals of Environmental Toxicology
DDEH 5242
Occupational Health and Safety
DDEH 1053
Basic Mathematics
DDEH 4163
Entomology and Parasitology
DDEL 1012
Pasukan Institusi Pertahanan Awam
DDEH 1063
Principles of Environmental Health Microbiology
DDEH 4172
Environmental Assessment and Audit

DDEL 1022
Food Safety Assurance
DDEH 2072
DDEH 4183
Health Legislation
DDEL 1032
Pesticide Applicator
DDEH 2093
Human Relation & Organizational Behaviour
DDEH 4192
DDEH 2102
Health Promotion and Education
DDEH 4202
Solid Waste Management
DDEH 2112
Information Technology In Environmental Health
Professional Knowledge / SkillsProfessional Knowledge / SkillsIndustrial Attachments
MPU 2163 Malaysian StudiesMPU 2313
Islamic Studies (Muslim Students)
DDIT 6114
Industrial Training 1
(District Health Office)
MPU 2223
Advanced Communicative English
MPU 2323
Moral Studies
(Non -Muslim Students
DDIT 6214
Industrial Training 2
(Local Authority)
MPU 2412
Community Service


Specially Dedicated Environmental Health Sciences Laboratory
Specialized Equipment for Fieldwork
Well Equipped Laboratory
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