Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health


The three year ‘Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health’ programme at DSH Institute of Technology aims to groom individuals who have keen interests in playing an active role to protect the general public, who maybe affected by their occupational environment.  The skills and expertise gained from the programme would enable graduates to make a positive difference in reducing industrial injuries as well as enhancing employees’ physiological and psychological well – being. The ‘ Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health’ programme conducted at DSH Institute of Technology is approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Malaysian Qualifications Agency.


At the end of our ‘Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health’ at DSH Institute of Technology, students will be able to:

  1. develop the necessary skills to address occupational dangers related to employees’
    safety (for example : lack of proper safety measures in construction sites, and health
    (for example : exposure to hazardous substances during work etc)
  2. gain first – hand experience, in carrying out site inspections to ensure health and
    safety protocols are being adhered to and providing guidance for improvisations,
    through industrial placements



Course Code




MQA (FA 12184)

MOHE (N862/4/0063)



January, June and September



2.5 years


Modes of Instruction



Practical Sessions

Industrial Placements

Future Education Pathways

Career Options

Occupational Safety Officer
Occupational Health Paramedic
Conducting Education and Outreach Programmes at Schools

Entry Requirements

SPM or EquivalentGCE 'O' Levels or Equivalent
Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) or its equivalent with a minimum of THREE (3) credits in the following subjects :GCE O’ Levels or equivalent with minimum Grade C in any of the following THREE (3) subjects :
(a) Bahasa Melayu / Bahasa Malaysia(a) Science / General Science
(b) Science / General Science / Applied Science(b) Mathematics / Additional Mathematics
(c) Mathematics / Additional Mathematics(c) Any other one subject
Pass in EnglishPass in English
*Students with any certificate, related to the medical field, with a minimum CGPA of 2.5 are also welcome to apply**Students with any certificate, related to the medical field, with a minimum CGPA of 2.5 are also welcome to apply*

Course Modules

Technical KnowledgeTechnical KnowledgeIndustrial Attachments
DSHC 1012
Occupational Safety
DSHC 1092
Principles of Ergonomics
DSHI 3112
Practicum I
DSHC 1022
Occupational Health
DSHC 1102
Industrial Hygiene
DSHC 3203
Workplace Action Research Project I
DSHC 1032
First Aid
DSHF 1042
DSHI 3112
Practicum II
DSHC 1042
OSH Legislation I
DSHC 2113
Accident Investigation
DSHC 3203
Workplace Action Research Project II
DSHF 1012
DSHC 2122
OSH Practice
DSHH 1012
Introductory English
DSHC 2133
Injury and Disease Prevention
DSHC 1052
OSH Legislation II
DSHC 2143
OSH Management System
DSHC 1062
Fire Prevention and Protection System
DSHF 2053
Basic Psychology
DSHC 1072
Emergency Response Plan
DSHH 2032
Report Writing
DSHC 1083
Hazard Identification and Risk Management
DSHC 2152
Machinery Safety
DSHF 1022
DSHC 2163
Principles of Toxicology
DSHF 1032
Human Anatomy and Physiology
DSHC 2172
Rehab and Fitness to Work
DSHE 2013
Human Resource Management
DSHE 2023
Management Philosophy
DSHE 2033
Environmental Management and Sustainability
DSHE 2043
Waste Management
DSHE 2053
Transportation and Road Safety
DSHE 2063
Construction Safety
DSHC 2182
Behaviourial Based Safety
DSHC 2192
Organizational Behaviour
DSHF 2063
Professional Knowledge / SkillsProfessional Knowledge / Skills
DSHH 1022
Computer Application
MPU 2332
Ethics and Moral
MPU 2162
Pengajian Malaysia II
MPU 2412
Co – Curriculum

MPU 2022


Relevant Equipment Required for Field Work
Fully Equipped Library with Up to Date Materials for Research and Assignments
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Conducive Auditoriums for Lectures and Tutorials
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