Diploma in Tourism Management


In the post Covid world, tourism is expected to boom rapidly. Although many hotels have closed, and airlines have reported losses owing to travel bans and lockdowns, the future for the hospitality and tourism industry seems positive and hopeful as countries start to recognize vaccination certificates and open their borders. For instance, the mega budget airline, AirAsia, is positive about its growth outlook and mega hotel groups such as Marriot have even expanded their operations. As such, a course in hospitality and tourism management will provide individuals, with an interest in the industry, with excellent career opportunities in the near future.


The ‘Diploma in Tourism Management’, from DSH Institute of Technology, equips students with a comprehensive understanding of essential domains related to management with regards to tourism, resorts and events. The program consists of a combination of classroom activities as well as industrial placements in hotels and resorts where students will learn directly from professional resort / tour agency / event company staff.


At the end of our ‘Diploma in Tourism Management’, at DSH Institute of Technology, students will be able to :

  1. gain comprehensive knowledge on the main domains involved in hospitality and tourism such as, running tour agencies, resorts and event management companies
  2. be equipped with hands – on experiences, through industrial placements and learn the basics of managing resorts / tour agencies / event execution



Course Code




MQA (PA 9466)

MOHE (N812/4/0188)



January, June and September



2.5 years


Modes of Instruction



Practical Sessions

Industrial Placements

Future Education Pathways

Career Options

Tour Agent
Lecturer to Conduct Hospitality and Tourism Courses

Entry Requirements

SPM or EquivalentGCE 'O' Levels or Equivalent
Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) or its equivalent with a minimum of THREE (3) credits in any three subjectsGCE O’ Levels or equivalent with minimum Grade C in any THREE (3) subjects
ORAND for Countries in which English is not a medium
STPM or EquivalentIELTS or Equivalent
Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan (STPM) or its equivalent with a minimum 'Grade C' in any ONE (1) subjectPass in International English Language Testing System (IELTS) with an Overall Band Score of minimum 6.0 or its equivalent
STAM or EquivalentTOEFL or Equivalent
Sijil Tinggi Agama Malaysia (STAM) or equivalent with a minimum grade of MaqbulTest of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or equivalent with minimum score of 550 (PBT) or 213 (CBT) or 79-80(iBT)
*Candidates with any other Computing Certificate or equivalent are welcome to apply**Candidates with any other Computing Certificate or equivalent are welcome to apply*

Course Modules

Technical KnowledgeTechnical KnowledgeIndustrial Attachments
DDCH 0113
Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Industry
DDCA 0133
Tourism Accounting
DDCP 0176
Industrial Attachment
DDGL 0113
English Proficiency
DDCH 0133
Tourist Guide
DDCO 0113
Principles of Management
DDCT 0133
Travel Agent and Operation
DDCF 0113
Principles of Economics
DDCM 0133
Customer Service
DDCT 0113
Fundamentals of Marketing
DDCK 0133
Tourism Geography
DDCF 0123
Principles of Tourism
DDCF 0133
Thinking and Managing Ethically
Professional Knowledge / SkillsDDCT 0143
Tour Planning and Operation
MPU 2163
Malaysia Studies II
DDCI 0143
Technology for Tourism Industry
MPU 2133
Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi I
DDCM 0143
Bahasa Ketiga I (Mandarin Language I)
MPU 2212
Kemahiran Keusahawanan I
DDCX 0143
Tourism Marketing
MPU 2312
Organizational Behavior in
Multi-Ethnic Society in Malaysia I
DDCD 0143
Ticketing and Reservation
MPU 2412
Community Service I
DDCE 0143
Tourism Environment
DSHH 2032
Report Writing
DDCT 0153
Convention and Event Management
DDCX 0153
Bahasa Ketiga II (Mandarin Language II)
DDCG 0153
Resort Management and Development
DDCL 0163
Hospitality law
DDCE 0163
Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship
DDCH 0163
Human Resource Management
DDCT 0163
Leadership and Team Development


Computer Labs with Up to Date Software and Applications for Research and Assignments
Fully Equipped Library with Up to Date Materials for Research and Assignments
Conducive Auditoriums for Lectures and Tutorials
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