Hostels and Accomodations


For local or international students who require accomodation, DSH Institute of Technology has a group of a few hostels located in various condominiums, situated around the campus.


These accomodations are reasonably priced and include a variety of facilities and amenities such as swimming pools and gymnasiums. There are also various convenience shops around the area for grocery shopping and having meals.


Each living unit is well maintained and well furbished. It comes with comfortable beds, clean bathrooms and other amenities such as living room, kitchen etc.

Condominium Hostel
Building View of Hostel
Inside Facilities in Hostel Unit

Facilities Within The Hostel Compound

There are various facilities within the hostel compound for students’ recreation and hobbies. A swimming pool, gymnasium and recreational activity room are some of these facilities.

Swimming Pool
Recreational Area

Amenities Around the Accomodation Area

There are various convenience shops and food and beverage outlets around the vicinity of the hostel. These amenities range from laundry shops to restaurants and even a nearby shopping mall.