Overview of Programmes at DSH Institute of Technology

Programme TypeProgramme NameDurationMQA Accreditation NumberMOHE Accreditation Number
DiplomaDiploma in Medical and Health Sciences3 yearsMQA / FA4551 - 01KPT(R/721/4/0041)
DiplomaDiploma in Medical Imaging3 yearsMQA / FA4965KPT(R/725/4/0074)
DiplomaDiploma in Pharmacy3 yearsMQA / FA5392KPT(N/727/4/0074)
DiplomaDiploma in Environmental Health3 yearsMQA / PA4688KPT(R/853/4/0021)
DiplomaDiploma in Occupational Safety and Health2.5 yearsMQA / FA12184KPT(N/862/4/0063)
DiplomaDiploma in Business Administration2.5 yearsMQA / PA13841KPT(N/340/4/0794)
DiplomaDiploma in Hotel Management2.5 yearsMQA / PA12439KPT(N/811/4/0400)
DiplomaDiploma in Tourism Management2.5 yearsMQA / PA9466KPT(N/812/4/0188)
CertificateCertificate in Assistant Nurse2 yearsMQA / FA5428KPT(R/723/3/0091)
CertificateSijil Pembantu Kesihatan Awam2 yearsMQA / FA4988KPT(R/213/4/0082)
Post BasicPost Basic Infection Control6 monthsMQA / FA5314 - 01KPT(N/723/3/0/150)
Post BasicPost Basic Perioperative Nursing6 monthsMQA / FA5313 - 01KPT(N/KJP/0055)
SKM Level 3Elderly Care Centre Operation1.5 yearsCC - 013 - 3 : 2013-