Diploma in Medical Imaging


Medical imaging is the process of using technology to view the human body in the interest of diagnosing, monitoring, and treating medical problems. Medical imaging allows medical practitioners to find diseases in their early stages, which leads to better outcomes for patients.


The field is gaining popularity as technology evolves and more research is being done to enhance the detection processes of various diseases, such as cancer. As such, a career in the field of medical imaging is gaining popularity and provides multiple career options and good prospects for graduates.


If you have a knack for medical and anatomical skills, a mechanical aptitude and are keen to play a part in changing peoples’ lives for the better, then the ‘Diploma in Medical Imaging’ at DSH Institute of Technology may just be the right course for you.


At the end of our ‘Diploma in Medical Imaging’ at DSH Institute of Technology, students will be able to :

  • Apply knowledge of radiographic approaches, procedures and systems correctly and demonstrate critical thinking and decision making related to medical imaging
  • Practice appropriate medical diagnostic imaging skills to produce good quality radiographic images, through various clinical attachments


Course Code




MQA (FA 4965)

MOHE (R725/4/0074)



April and October



3 years


Modes of Instructions



Practical Sessions

Clinical Placements

Future Education Pathways

Career Options

Medical Imaging Technologist
Medical Diagnostic Radiographer
Nuclear Medicine Technologist

Entry Requirements

SPM or EquivalentGCE 'O' Levels or Equivalent
Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) or its equivalent with a PASS IN ENGLISH and minimum of FIVE (5) credits in the following subjects:GCE 'O' Levels or equivalent with a minimum of Grade C in the following five subjects:
(a) Bahasa Malaysia / Bahasa Melayu(a) Science Subjects (Physics/Chemistry/Biology/General Science)
(b) Science Subjects (Physics/Chemistry/Biology/General Science)(b) Mathematics / Additional Mathematics
(c) Mathematics / Additional Mathematics(c) English
(e) Any Two Other Subject(d) Any Two Other Subjects
Any Other Certificate Related to Health Sciences, with minimum CGPA of 2.75, is also welcomeAny Other Certificate Related to Health Sciences, with minimum CGPA of 2.75, is also welcome

Course Modules

Technical KnowledgeTechnical KnowledgeTechnical Knowledge
DDMI 1013
Anatomy and Physiology I
DDMI 3123
Radiation Protection
DDMI 5183
Special Imaging Modality
DDMI 1023
Imaging Instrumentation I
DDMI 3243
Image Evaluation I
DDMI 5193
Special Imaging Technique
DDMI 1033
General Physics
DDMI 3163
Basic Imaging Technique II
DDMI 5203
Image Evaluation II
DDMI 1043
Imaging Process I
DDMI 3143
Imaging Instrumentation II
Professional Knowledge / Skills
DDMI 1052
Patient Care I
DDMI 4212
Healthcare Management
DDMI 5223
Professional Development
DDMI 2063
Anatomy and Physiology II
DDMI 4153
Contrast Imaging Technique
MPU 2412
Co - Curriculum / Community Work
DDMI 2073
Basic Imaging Technique I
DDMI 2082
Patient Care II

DDMI 2233 Imaging Process II
DDMI 2102
Radiation Physics
DDMI 2112
Behaviouial Science
DDMI 2122
Professional Knowledge / SkillsClinical AttachmentsClinical Attachments
MPU 2163
Malaysia Studies
DMIC 4014
Clinical Placement I
DMIC 6046
Clinical Placement IV
MPU 2223
Advanced Communicative English
DMIC 4025
Clinical Placement II
DMIC 6059
Clinical Placement V
MPU 2313
Pengajian Islam (Muslim Students Only)
DMIC 4036
Clinical Placement III
MPU 2323
Moral Studies (Non-Muslim Students)


Anatomy and Physiology Lab
Well Equipped Library
Mock Wards
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